Having recently spent considerable time in the Detroit Airport, I thought I would use some of that time to check out some restaurants and tips for staying healthy. There are two terminals, but since I am a Delta flyer, I always go out of McNamara so this article is focused solely on that terminal. I should note that DTW is going through major changes in the restaurants options that are available so I’ll attempt to make periodic updates to this post.

One thing to note before I get started, McNamara is a huge terminal making walking from one end to the other a great fitness idea if you have time. There is a tram which runs overhead, but the walk is not only a great way to get in some steps, but also worthwhile for checking out the many stores and restaurants along the way. Check out more healthy tips  at DTW here

A concourse:

A concourse is where most of the food options and stores are. It’s also the largest of the concourses if you want to get in some steps.

Gordon Biersch 

(near A74 at the very end of the terminal) – I’ve written about Gordon Biersch in other airport posts, but I’m a huge fan. It’s a chain, but they have a great menu with plenty of healthy options. This spot is brand new and I haven’t eaten there yet, but as long as it’s consistent with the other locations, it’ll be a great addition to the airport.

Bigalora Cucina 

(Centeral Link) – I haven’t eaten at a Bigalora Cucina, but judging from their menu and online reviews, I suspect this will be a great addition to the airport. The heavy food may turn off some health purists, but they have several wood fired entrees and salads which should satisfy even the healthiest appetites out there. I already know my first meal is going to be the wood fired salmon!


(Near A71) – Pinkberry offers a few on-the-go options that are pretty healthy. I highly suggest checking out some of the Pinkberry smoothie options as a healthy meal option.

Vino Volo 

(Near A45) – If you’re in the mood for a glass of wine and a snack, check out Vino Volo. You can grab small plates and a few select lunch / dinner options, but the main draw here is the wine.

There are plenty of coffee shops (Starbucks and Illy Cafe) if you just need some caffeine and a snack. I have also wanted to put the Mediterranean Grill on this list, but their smoothie and juice machine has been broken for some time now so I haven’t been able to try it. I’d be interested to hear any reviews from people who have eaten here.