CLT is one of those airports that I know is trying, but is not quite there yet, in terms of offering healthy eating options. It’s one of those spots that I know I’ll have to get creative, which isn’t a bad thing, it just takes some planning. If you have any recommendations that I missed, please leave them in the comment box below, I’m always looking for new places to try.



Beaudevin (Atrium) Menu

Beaudevin is a great spot to grab fresh and healthy food, disguised as a wine bar. I’ve heard the Scottish Salmon Sandwich is awesome. I’m personally a sucker for melon and prosciutto. This is my number one recommendation for someone planning to eat at CLT.

Genghis Grill (Atrium) Menu w/ nutrition

I thought long and hard whether to add Genghis Grill to this list and ultimately, I decided to include it because you can customize some of their meals to be pretty healthy and full of veggies. If you are planning to eat here, I highly suggest taking a look at the attached nutrition menu with a keen eye on the sauces area. Try to stay away from high sodium and high sugar sauces, especially before jumping on a plane as they will dehydrate you.


B Concourse

1897 Marketplace (B1)

1897 Marketplace has both grab-and-go and dine-in options with several healthy options for both. If you’re dining in, I highly suggest the Farmhouse Salad with Salmon. This is also a great spot if you just want a small healthy snack before your flight.


A Concourse

Phipps Bistro (A4)

Phipps made the list for their healthy grab-and-go selection, but it looks like they also have plenty of healthy options on their menu.


Other Healthy Ideas:

Jamba Juice
Fresh Attractions
Ciao Gourmet Market