Healthy Food JFK Airport

It depends on what terminal you are lucky, or unlucky, enough to fly in or out of on whether you have healthy restaurant options. You want to hope for terminals 2, 4 or 5, but check out our options for every terminal below. Check out more healthy tips at our JFK airport post here. 

Terminal 1 (post security)

Honestly, there aren’t any good options here outside of Starbucks. It’s unfortunate that an airport like JFK can’t get a healthier option, but your best bet is Starbucks for an oatmeal or fruit and yogurt parfait.

Terminal 2

CIBO Express Gourmet Market (Gates 61,65,69)

CIBO markets are always a solid place with healthy and above average tasting food. I won’t try to convince you this is Michelin Star worthy, but they are great for grab and go healthy fare at a reasonable price. Typical CIBO Market locations have organic, gluten-free, vegan and kosher options.

More options: Croque Madame,  Due Amici

Terminal 4  

Camden Foods (Main walkway between B and A Gates) 

Camden foods is my #1 recommendation for healthy food in Terminal 4. It’s fair is mainly take-away sandwiches and a salad bar, but given the other options, Camden Foods is solid spot.

Uptown Brasserie (Gate B32) 

Uptown Brasserie is a great option for a sit-down restaurant with plenty of healthy options. I suggest the Seared Salmon or the UB Chopped Salad


Terminal 5

CIBO Gourmet Express (Food Hall, Gates 9,4)

Check out the review above, but a great option for a quick and healthy grab and go option.

Deep Blue Sushi (Marketplace) 

If you are nervous about eating airport sushi, I am with you except in this case. Deep Blue Sushi is some of the best I’ve ever had, in or outside an airport.

Jamba Juice (Marketplace)

Jamba Juice is a good option for grabbing something healthy and quick. Be careful to avoid the sugary juices they mix into the smoothies – try adding almond milk instead of juice.

La Vie (Gate 22) 

La Vie is a higher end / more expensive French option. The food is delicious and it’s almost hard not to order something healthy from the menu. Highly recommended if you have some time and are looking for high quality food.

More options: 5ive Steak, Aunt Butchies Bakery Cafe, Piquillo

Terminal 7

Balducci’s Food Lover’s Market (Food Court)

A grab and go market with great salad, soup and sandwich options.  They also have fresh fruit to grab before your flight. My personal favorite is the antioxidant salad.

Wolfgang Express Pub (Food Court)

Make your own salad with plenty of veggie options, just try to steer clear of the pizza line.

Red Mango (Food Court)

Red Mango is more than just a fro-yo place – check out the fruit smoothies!

Terminal 8

CIBO Gourmet Express (Gate 7)

Check out the review above, but a great option for a quick and healthy grab and go option.