Healthy Food: Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport (MSP)

If you find yourself on a long layover (planned or not), the Minneapolis / Saint Paul Airport (Terminal 1) has plenty of restaurant options to pass the time. Generally my advice is to make your way to either the main concourse (similar to a shopping mall) or G concourse. These areas have the most options. Check out more healthy tips at MSP here!

 G Concourse: Healthy Food MSP

Minnibar  (near G2 and G19)

This is Andrew Zimmern’s joint – yes that Andrew Zimmern. True to his brand, this location offers globally inspired sandwiches with local ingredients.

Shoyu (G concourse  walkway)

If you’ve ever walked through G terminal, this is the place in the main walkway that has the pasta hanging around the restaurant. I’m a sucker for Japanese food and this place delivers! Great, fresh noodles and flavor have me hooked.

CIBO Market (G concourse, several locations)

If you’re in a hurry or just want to grab a healthy snack, there are several CIBO marketplaces on G concourse. I suggest the location by G1 because you can get a variety of fresh fruit, frozen yogurt (with toppings) and other healthy snacks.

The Mall: Healthy Food MSP

Lake Wine Kitchen + Bar (The Mall)

Lake Wine Kitchen and Bar is an absolutely amazing market concept new to MSP. There are plenty of healthy items to order off the menu and even more grab and go options if you’re in a hurry. Recommendations: Honey & Orange Sesame Salmon, Spinach Salad + Shrimp

French Meadow Bakery and Cafe (The Mall, by F concourse)

Organic restaurant with vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. They are a local Minneapolis / Saint Paul cafe with 5 other airport locations – this is a great spot. One of my absolute favorites for eating healthy in the airport.

Ike’s (The Mall and F concourse)

This is a favorite for my Minneapolis friends – they have several non-airport locations around Minneapolis / Saint Paul. This is heavier and less healthy, but if you’ve got time, want to grab a drink and have a cheat meal to give; you should check this place out!


E Concourse: Healthy Food MSP

LoLo American Kitchen (E Concourse)

LoLo, short for “Locally Owned, Locally Operated”, is the outpost of a popular Stillwater MN restaurant. You’ll need some self control since their menu has plenty of unhealthy offerings, but the temptation will be worth it. Recommendations: Gorgonzola Salad, Fresh Berry Salad, Korean BBQ Beef Breakfast Tacos, Maple Teriyaki Grilled Salmon, Pappadelle with Mushrooms


Holy Land Deli (E Concourse)

Mediterranean, Arabic and Middle Eastern food flavors with gluten free and vegetarian options available on the menu!


C Concourse: Healthy Food MSP

Vino Volo  (C Concourse, Gate C8)

Vino Volo is a wine room first, but it’s also a hidden gem for high quality, healthy food. They don’t publish their menu online, but stop by if you’re in C concourse for some healthy bites.