Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, better known as SeaTac has a nice layout with most of the terminals only a short walk from the large central gathering area, which includes most of our recommended restaurants. There are restaurants in each of the terminals, but only one restaurant (Beecher’s in terminal C) made it on our list so I highly suggest making your way to central terminal for your food needs.


SeaTac Terminal Map

Central Terminal


This is our pick for Pacific Northwest seafood. It’s on the expensive side, but if you’re willing to pay the money (or are on an expense account), go with the salmon.

Dish D’lish 

There are technically two airport locations (one is before security), but this recommendation is based on the location in the central terminal. Dish D’lish has a mix of grab and go and sit down offerings, mostly salads and sandwiches. This is the spot if you’re looking for something fast and healthy.


This national chain has a plenty of healthy options (and a few bad ones). Check out this link for healthy ideas and what to stay away from.

Vino Vola

This popular wine bar airport chain does have some healthy food to balance out the wine tastings. They source locally so you’ll be heavy with Washington wines and pacific northwest inspired food. Even though it’s a chain – I’m a big fan.

C Terminal


This world-famous cheese shop also has a few sandwich options. It may not be the healthiest thing in the world, but their mac n cheese may be worth it.