Healthy Food New York JFK Airport (JFK)

Traveling through JFK can be hit or miss when you’re looking for healthy food. They have some decent full-service option sin terminals 4 and 5, but are otherwise lacking in the quick service and grab and go options. I provided my best recommendations below. As always, I’m open to hearing other suggestions in the comments section below.

Terminal 1 (Post Security)

Honestly, there aren’t any good options here outside of Starbucks. It’s unfortunate that an airport like JFK can’t get a healthier option, but your best bet is Starbucks for an oatmeal or fruit and yogurt parfait.

Terminal 2

CIBO Express  (Yelp)

Grab and Go

Near Gate 65

Truthfully, not the greatest food in the world, but the options in Terminal 2 are thin and I’ve had okay experiences here.

Terminal 4

Jamba Juice  (Yelp)

Quick Service, Smoothies and Juices

Near Gate B27

Caviar House and Prunier  (Yelp)

Full Service, Seafood, High Quality

Retail Hall – East

If you think this sounds fancy for an airport, you’d be right, but don’t let that deter you from checking this place out for high quality seafood. There are plenty of healthy seafood items on the menu to keep you on track before your flight in Terminal 4.

Le Grand Comptoir  (Yelp)

Full Service, French Cuisine, High Quality

Retail Hall – West

Terminal 5

Jamba Juice  (Yelp)

Quick Service, Smoothies and Juices


Deep Blue Sushi  (Yelp)

Full Service, Sushi, Japanese Cuisine


5ive Steak  (Yelp)

Full Service, Steak House, American Cuisine


Terminal 7

Balducci’s   (Yelp)

Grab and Go, Vegan, Sandwhichs and Salads


Terminal 8

Vino Volo  (Yelp)

Full Service, Wine Bar, High Quality Food

Near Gate 39

For anyone not familiar, Vino Volo is a “chain” of wine bars located in airports. However, they also have amazingly healthy and high quality food. I haven’t been to this location, but I’ve been to plenty of the other locations to feel comfortable recommending this one.

CIBO Express  (Yelp)

Grab and Go

Near Gate 7