You may be battling sub-freezing temperatures and repeated snow falls, but spring break is truly just around the corner. If you want to make it a healthy Spring Break trip – it’s best to start planning now! As I’ve said a million times before (and I’ll say it again!) the key to staying healthy while traveling is to plan ahead. If you can answer the following 6 questions, you have a good start!

  1. What will I eat when I am in transit to my destination? Should I pack snacks or find healthy eating options on the way? Tip: check out our airport restaurant guides for healthy options in 20+ US airports. 
  2. Do I have a backup plan incase my first transit plan fails (ie. a cancelled flight or broken down car). Have a plan on what to do in either case. You may not think of this as “healthy,” but stress and mental health are just as important. Tip: Download your airline’s phone app for flying and these if you are road tripping .
  3. What’s my fitness plan for the trip? Having been on quite a few spring break trips, I can honestly say that unless I have a plan, there is no chance I’ll work out. My plan involves both the time of the day and the workout. I usually aim for mid-morning and something about 75% as strenuous as a typical workout – it’s vacation after all! Tip: Actually write your plan on a piece of paper and bring it with you. Make it in a to-do list form and check off each exercise once you complete it. For whatever reason, writing things down makes them more real. 
  4. Where can I get a healthy meal? What healthy meals are on the menus of restaurants in the area. I spend most of my pre-trip planning scouting out restaurants and restaurant menus. I take a look both for healthy restaurants and then restaurants that I think my group will go to. At the latter, I look for some healthy options. I promise you’ll be able to find something even on the unhealthiest of menus. Tip: check out Yelp for restaurants around your hotel. Take a look at the pictures, the menu and the comments. 
  5. How will I get my fruits and vegetables? I always find it unreasonably hard to get fresh fruit and vegetables when I travel so I try to plan ways to get them without being too difficult. Tip: The easiest option that I’ve found is to get as many at breakfast as possible. Whether it’s a green smoothie or a veggie-filled omelets, it’s great to start the day with as many fruits and vegetables as possible. 
  6. Am I packing the right gear? Whether you are going to the mountains or the beach, bring both a reusable water bottle and plenty of sunscreen. I also often travel with a jump rope since it’s a high intensity exercise that you don’t need much room for. Also – don’t forget your running / workout shoes and gear. Tip: Make a list and check it twice. You don’t want to get to the beach and realize you forgot your bathing suit!